Business Growth Program

Increasing SALES and increasing LEADERSHIP ability = Business Growth Program

Our focus is to design, develop and deliver training programs that are tailored to the Organisations business success. Firstly we LISTEN to what is required and then comprehensively analyse your structures and procedures to detect any gaps that may be causing or not causing RESULTS in your Organisation, we then create the program!

Our outcome and commitment is to create sustainability, growth in your organisation, expansion of your teams participation and thinking and creating work life balance.

We do not QUICK FIX or BANDAID the issues, we deal with the REAL and look at what new habits and practices can be implemented to overcome these issues.

We have a basic structure that we follow to ensure that every business we partner will receive the same level of service and attention. Our goal after every interaction is to leave you with actions to implement and a new attitude to embrace that will lead you closer to vision you wish to achieve and dealing powerfully with the challenges you wish to overcome.

  1. Analyse business structures and systems - Firstly, we listen! From there we then gather information from the various  sources such as you, your Team and your systems to create a complete overview of the areas that are not allowing you, your team and your business to move forward.
  2. Tailor solutions - Our programs are specifically tailor made to suit your business and its needs, encompassing the  business in its entirety.
  3. Develop Team - Developing Team is the foundation to a productive business. Team allows you to have your business operate to its full potential even when you are not physically present. Nicole Sylvester Consulting will work with your key management staff on bringing out the best in their staff through communication and leadership. Staff will experience a new level of cohesion flow through the business that encourages participation and excitement of the business.
  4. Cause Leadership - Leadership is not only encouraged with you but with all members of your team. We educate and demonstrate the benefits of all team members operating from a leadership mentality.
  5. Create sustainability - In following all the steps above sustainability is inevitable. Our goal is for you to continue building and growing from the foundations that have been created.

During the Business Analysis this is a basic outline of what would be discussed. Please note with all customers the Business Analysis is tailored to the organisation and its requirements:

  • Communication – What methods are used on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to achieve results? How effective are they?
  • Team – What is your current team structure and how effective is this for the results you want to achieve?
  • Human Resources - What systems/structures do you have for recruitment, performance incentives, performance measures, staff reviews, training and development etc?
  • What is the vision of the business and how is this supported and fulfilled upon by you and the team?
  • Internal and external risks will be established.
  • Review of sales and marketing procedures and their effectiveness.
  • Customer retention procedures.
  • Personal and business challenges will be uncovered.
  • From this assessment a Gap Analysis will be created.
  • KPIs will be created and we are ready to start the game...

Implementation and Development

Once you have completed your business analysis we will design a role out development program that is specific to the future of your business and your team. We will design this program with your budget in mind and your intended time frame for seeing results.

Measures will be created to support you and your team on your new path. Our goal is to partner you on fulfilling the results you are committed to, we support you through:

  • One on One Mentoring or Team Mentoring.
  • Working with you to develop structures and systems that are specific to the vision and culture of the business.
  • Causing alignment within the team for the future of the business.
  • Creating measures that both you and the team are aligned and aware of. These measures allow you to regularly check in and acknowledge what is working and what is not working, in turn creating a business that is proactive not reactive.
  • Monthly Reports will be generated for the Business and Team displaying graphs in selected KPIs.

With the added ingredient of FUN... It has been proven time and time again, when you and your team engage in learning that is FUN, your ability to retain, your commitment to implement and your teams engagement is second to none...

Added Extras

  • Half yearly Leadership Development Workshops for Business Growth Clients and invited guests only
  • Discounted entry to any of the Nicole Sylvester Consulting Business development Workshops - covering areas such as Sales, Social Media, Human Resource Management, Cash Flow Management and much much more. We bring in highly skilled professionals who are experts in their field to give knowledge, skills and tools to take away and implement immediately into your business. REMEMBER - with KNOWLEDGE = POWER...

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