Leadership / Team Meeting Analysis

Do you have regular leadership / team meetings and it all seems to go well but when the team leaves the room nothing changes and nothing is implemented?

Do you have leadership / team meetings where everyone just sits and waits for you to be the one to generate and energize the team members?

What reputation do your leadership / team meetings really have?

Do you have leadership / team meetings where no one wants to input or add to the agenda?

Do you have leadership / team meetings where everyone says "yes", but they really mean "no"?

We could continue for pages on the "Do you have........." list.

"Is this familiar for you?"

This is very familiar for most businesses to have meeting after meeting and you keep covering the same things over and over again and not make any progress.

We work with you to discover the things that you may not know or see in communication and leadership that is causing you to not get the results that you are committed to achieving. We will sit in on your meetings and evaluate your agenda, format, structure and presentation. We will then debrief and train you on what may be missing and how to achieve your desired outcome.

If this sounds familiar and you want to have the time taken for leadership / team meetings to be cost and time effective then call us to discuss being part of your next meeting.

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