Business Growth Program

Increasing SALES and increasing LEADERSHIP ability = Business Growth Program

Our focus is to design, develop and deliver training programs that are tailored to the Organisations business success. Firstly we LISTEN to what is required and then comprehensively analyse your structures and procedures to detect any gaps that may be causing or not causing RESULTS in your Organisation.

Our outcome and commitment is to create sustainability, growth in your organisation, expansion of your teams participation and thinking and creating work life balance... (cont)

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Secret Shopper Program

What do you REALLY know about, your business, your location, your facilities, your services, your variety, your customer experience, your team, your retention, your staff, your environment etc etc etc?

Often not as much as we need too to be ahead of the game... (cont)

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Leadership / Team Meeting Analysis

Do you have regular leadership / team meetings and it all seems to go well but when the team leaves the room nothing changes and nothing is implemented? ... Where everyone just sits and waits for you to be the one to generate and energize the team members?

This is very familiar for most businesses to have meeting after meeting but we can make a difference... (cont)

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Leadership Mentoring

Leadership is a challenge at the best of times. Leadership is not a solo practice, the best and most successful leaders have mentors and coaches to assist them in fulfilling their vision.

Leaders too require someone to keep them accountable, after all how can you expect the team to be accountable if their leader hasn't anything in place for their accountability?... (cont)

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Staff Performance Program

Do you have Job Descriptions, Policy and Procedure Manuals, Performance Review Structures etc etc that just sit on the shelf?

Do they gather dust and the team does what they deem correct in how they operate and what they are responsible for?

If the answer is YES... (cont)

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