Secret Shopper Program

What do you REALLY know about, your business, your location, your facilities, your services, your variety, your customer experience, your team, your retention, your staff, your environment etc etc etc? Often not as much as we need too to be ahead of the game...

Often we assume that it is all OK or we believe "No news is good news."

With the business climate the way it is and with customer expectation and want of value for $, we can't rely on "just how we feel" or "what we don't hear". Now is the time to ACTIVELY explore really what is going on in your business, the GOOD and the BAD...

The GOOD = leverage

The BAD = opportunity

Here at Nicole Sylvester Consulting we have designed a secret shopper program that is specific to small to medium business. In the past secret shoppers has been a part of corporate or the business and out of the price range for small to medium business. We have a teared pricing structure that allows you to drill deep into the goings on of your business and walk away with specific actions to ADDRESS or LEVERAGE from these discoveries in a very cost effective manner.

Don't waste time and energy working on the surface or assuming that you know... Invest in a service that will uncover for you the true goings on of your business. Don't wait, take action now and contact us for more information.

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