Our Team

Nicole Sylvester

Nicole’s skill set is grounded in over fifteen years of management, communication, team building and leadership. Nicole has worked as a business manager in the private sector as well as leading state teams and major client bases for multinational organisations. She has enjoyed the accountability of meeting and exceeding targets, managing deadlines and assisting management and staff to reach their full potential. In addition her people management skills have allowed her to go beyond average management qualities to grow State teams, through motivation, responsibility and accountability. Her sound, hands on track record has seen growth in business of up to 30% on specified areas with committed participative businesses.

A nationally qualified workplace trainer, assessor and a Master in Communication and Team Leadership, Nicole is also able to implement tailored business development programs to suit the specific business requirements, individual needs and goals for growth in all Industries. She implements accountability for monitoring specific measurable results and increasing professional growth for staff, responsibility to build and implement structures for business owners, as well as responsibility for improving the communication and customer relation skills of all staff.

Anita Collins

Anita Collins knows the world of beauty. With 15 years of Industry experience as a Therapist, a Manager and in business. Following her own training, she remained at the International Training College in Canberra as a Business trainee and was responsible for supervising the students in the school based salon, the day to day duties for running the college and finances for the school. This led to an exciting opportunity to work at Toorak Road in Melbourne dealing with a very high profile clientele. From Melbourne it was off onto the cruise ships with Steiner where the working conditions are intense with a weekly turnover of new clients and high service and retail targets to be met. This was only a warm up as back in Canberra, Anita managed a large team and was an integral part of the salons growth to triple in size over a six year period. She was assigned to handle recruitment and training, the daily financials and to oversee the general salon practice.

Now, Anita is using this cross section of experience and knowledge to lead fellow Salon Operators to a higher level of business. She prides herself on the ability to discover the hidden potential in a salon and then to communicate the strategies for growth. From the high profile prestigious salon to the intimate owner operator, Anita shows integrity and confidence as she connects with every client to develop a relationship that will bring out Leadership, strong team ethics, a fabulous salon culture, structure to the workplace, accountability and most importantly, results.

Anita is passionate about the success of our local Beauty Industry. Through her own business networking and ongoing education, she is also able to bring the best and most reputable resources to you. Anita understands your world and measures her own results based on your achievements.