What Do People Say?

Nicole Sylvester Consulting successfully facilitated a recent strategic planning workshop for our Board and senior staff.

Prior to the workshop I was concerned with how the facilitator and the participants would be able to manage the consideration and processing of the large number of issues and material that needed to be considered on the day.

To my pleasant surprise, the workshop went very smoothly and everybody was comfortable with the process and the outcome. Nicole is to be commended with the manner in which she prepared for and managed the process and with the summary report that she produced.

John Kelly
Managing Director
Quad Park

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole Sylvester across various sectors of industry including clients in common as well as community activities such as the Leadership and Mentoring Programs that she has facilitated for the Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network.

Nicole acts at all times with integrity and has a genuine desire to make a difference in her client’s businesses. She is passionate about her field of expertise and a worthy facilitator of the important programs the Network supports.

Michalle Faulkner
Eastcoast Human Resource Group

I love what Nicole does in her consulting role, she's calm, professional, encouraging and certainly an inspiration to all those who work with and around her. She always manages to deliver a positive result for the businesses and groups that I have seen her work with and I have no hesitation in recommending Nicole at any level of business she chooses to work with.

We really need more people like Nicole helping businesses and their teams achieve great outcomes.

Geoff Moller
Vestra Business Advantage
Management Consultants

I have had the pleasure of working with Nicole who has facilitated a number of the SCBWN’s mentoring programs for both small start up businesses and corporate clients.

Nicole has been extremely generous of her time and I have never worked with someone more professional. What I have found most impressive about Nicole is her ability to connect with every participant personally and bring out the best in everyone. Her knowledge of the strengths of each participant has been astounding.

Chelsea Hunter
Sunshine Coast Business Women's Network
SCBWN Executive Officer

Well what can I say!!

Nicole and I have been working together over the last 7 years and she has been the best business decision that I have ever made!

She is great, no actually she is fantastic and I really believe that! She has helped me grow business and still helping me grow it, as well as myself as a person.

Being in business is difficult and managing people can even be more difficult Nicole has taught me how to manage my team and helping me find what motivates them as well as getting the staff to understand what I would like to achieve as a business. It’s a win, win situation.

Nicole has taught me the importance of business planning and tracking our weekly, monthly and quarterly goals and targets, as well as getting the staff to understand the importance of planning and tracking. The team has taken well to her guidance and training and look forward to achieving our team and individual goals. We are now on track and growing the business to the next level and this growth has been to our guidance and expertise from Nicole.

Myself and all my staff work with Nicole individually and as a team to reach our own personal goals as well as the business aims and objectives and the results have been outstanding, she is amazing on getting the staff involved and motivated in wanting growth and have them work together as active team players, and she does it such a way that even the most resilient person to change just jumps on and wants to go for the ride.

Nicole has brought to my business an understanding of having a business rather than owning a job, she has brought and taught us the real dynamics in working in and with a great team environment and this really shows from our growth in the business and how important it is for us to support our fellow team players.

I believe that Nicole Sylvester has been the most valued team player within the business but in that time I have also grown to know Nicole and I respect her dearly, she has the most approachable manner and I enjoy meeting and chatting with, she is warm, caring and willing to give so much and has never made me feel that it is part of her job, I thank Nicole from the bottom of my heart as she has helped me in so many ways other than growing in the business and look forward to continually growing and learning so much more from her.

I would have no hesitation in advising any business owner to bring Nicole Sylvester into their business as I would give them my guarantee that they would never look back and would only grow from this dynamic person.

Claudia Santangelo

As a result of the work Nicole has carried out in my business, my sales have increased. My staff are more motivated and have a greater customer focus. As well as the financial benefits to my business, I have more time to focus on the day-to-day operation of the business and future planning of the business and my personal/family time.

Tony Basilico
Cosmo Hair and Beauty

Nicole Sylvester partnered Reliance Petroleum in some innovative training initiatives. Reliance wanted a program which would assist the retail side of the business enhance the experience that customers have when they visit our service stations (Reliance is BP's largest distributor with around 200 service stations nationwide). If we could make a difference to who our people were being then this would impact on not only the staff working at our sites but also on our customers.

The program has been a great success and its effects continue to ripple through the organisation. The "Us and them" culture (one of blame) that was emerging in the organisation has been reduced considerably, where people are now working together, taking responsibility and being more accountable.

Participants have become more effective in their roles with increased delegation and better time management. Relationships with their staff have also improved, resulting in more harmonious workplaces where everyone now benefits from working together as a team. Many of our licensees and managers have also found that they have improved their work/life balance which has had a wonderful impact on their lives.

In our time working with Nicole we have always found her to be an excellent facilitator and coach. Nicole's trainers are professional, intelligent and articulate and have a high level of personal integrity. They are also committed to making a difference and as such are willing to go beyond what one would normally expect with a "training" provider.

Participants in the programs have always provided feedback which supports this. It has been a pleasure working with Nicole and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any prospective clients.

Lynn McTye
National Retail Training Manager

When I first met Nicole 5 years ago I was at a stage in my business where I knew more had to be done. I clearly remember Nicole asking me pretty standard and simple questions about where my business was at... and I realised I truly didn't have a clue what was going on in my own business and that yes I certainly would greatly benefit from Nicole's services.

Nicole calmly and with ultimate professionalism has guided me to a situation where I now control my business and on adaily basis know where it is at.

Nicole also has helped guide me in my personal life by combining goals and expectations both in the business and personally, as anyone whom owns their own business knows the two are closely linked.

My staff members also receive training through Nicole which helps them in their daily life as well as in their professional life. My junior staff member recently missed a training call with Nicole due to TAFE obligations. I was notified the following day of her concern that she did not want to miss any future training calls with Nicole and could I please see to it that calls were scheduled on days that she could participate. That to me was a solid acknowledgement of how valuable Nicole's work is.

Nicole gives and gives and is the ultimate professional. I have not one doubt that Nicole will make a huge difference to you and your business.

Regina Kimpton
THP Haircutters

Our client retention and retail sales were low. The business knew where it wanted to be but didn't know how to get there. Nicole showed us how to get there by setting goals, individual staff and team accountabilities and implementing successful practices with us. Now our staff average a 70% customer retention rate and we have had a remarkable improvement in our retail sales and our bottom line turnover.

I have complete trust in Nicole as she has made the business more productive, profitable and professional.

Louise Akle